Il Carapelli: Welcome to the first temporary restaurant where you are the chef

A restaurant where you can be the chef.

A dish with a story, to cook for your friends.

A starred Chef to share the love for cooking

A unique and fundamental ingredient such as extra virgin olive oil


Extra virgin oil is one of the pillars of the Italian cuisine and Carapelli has put its passion and experience into the promotion of the art of this excellent ingredient for over 125 years. To enhance the visibility and good quality of its products, H+K Italy designed and managed “Il Carapelli”: a temporary restaurant where food lovers can be “chef for one day”, with the help of a Michelin starred chef, Filippo Saporito from the famous restaurant La Leggenda dei Frati, based in Villa Bardini, Florence. 

Saporito was a precious guide to help food lovers understand the importance of EVO Oil. How it can be use in different plates and how the 100% Italian range of Carapelli EVO Oil could exalt every dishes presented. The restaurant almost launched itself: the word of mouth was amazing, and almost every social street in Milan wanted a piece of it. To be on the safe side, though, and reach people outside Milan we also dedicated a dinner and a lunch to food and lifestyle influencers that came over with all their friends (who were of course influencers as well). They were asked to realize their most “beloved” recipes – the one that recalled their dearest memories – to cook them with the guidance of the chef and the help of Carapelli’s oils and olives, and to present their recipes to all their guests. 

The temporary restaurant remained opened to the public from May 17th to May 26th. 

More than 300 guests.
More than 30 temporary chefs.
3 times more bookings than actual capacity. 

Influencer activity
Reach: 875k
Posts and stories: 90
One of the influencers loved it so much that he wanted the Il Carapelli to celebrate his 10-year anniversary with his fiancée. A special event that made the project even bigger and gave the brand more visibility on social networks

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